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Mar 24, 2011
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7:00 P.M.

Call to order: The regular meeting of the Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport Commission was called to order at
7:05 p.m. by Myrv Somerhalder, chairman.

Members present: Myrv Somerhalder, Mike McCutcheon, Marty Franke, Don Freix and Jon Neville
Members absent: Arvid Munson

Approve minutes of last meeting: It was moved by Freix and seconded by Neville to approve the
minutes of February 17, 2011 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Master Plan: The BOA has not finalized the contract with Omnni to date. Somerhalder stated there
were 2 options presented from Omnni Associates. The middle parcel of land on the southern boundary
purchased in the 1970’s is not shown on the drawings; Somerhalder will forward a copy of the deed to the
BOA. Option 1 and 2 comments:
Option 1 does not have sufficient space to be workable and cost effective as hangars are drawn to
close to the septic system.
Both plans show the southerly group of hangars in 2 tiers due to elevation changes.
Option 1 retains the grass runway. The grass runway is marked off at 2300’ but could be extended
to 3000’.
Option 2 replaces the current grass runway with an E/W grass runway.
The most economical way to expand would be to the North of the existing hangars. Future land
acquisition is a possibility. John Cox suggested potential annexation or rezoning of the land.
The E/W runway could be longer than drawn on Option 2.
The E/W runway is more in line with the prevailing winds.

It was moved by Freix and seconded by McCutcheon to table until the next meeting. Motion carried

Volley Ball Court: Brian Hackbarth, chairman of the Parks & Lands Committee formally asked the
Commission to designate the 7 acres, which holds the volley ball court, as a recreation area. The Parks &
Lands Committee is seeking to fill the following current and future needs: dog park, pavilion, basketball
court, etc. In the 1990’s a recreation plan had been drawn that the Committee is working from. During
the 1950’s the parcel housed a softball field. Somerhalder stated the BOA had not been contacted
previously about the recreation plan and now the availability of the land will be determined by the BOA
and Omnni Associates. Cox stated the village and the town sanction the use of the volley ball league. A
short term lease was recommended by Freix. Somerhalder will check for sample leases, guidelines and
legal counsel for direction. This will be put on the next agenda for discussion and action.

Maintenance at Airport: Jon Neville to put on C and D row decals. Maintenance will follow up on
leaning runway lights.

“Friends of the Airport” Report: Neville reported that due to poor weather no meetings have been held
recently. There are currently 59 members with renewals coming in weekly. A Young Eagles Fly In will
be held May 21st it is sponsored by Menominee this year. The Friends are looking for donations for 2
additional bicycles. The van will go into service May 1st.
Airport Report: Neville is working on securing Witt Ford for rental cars this year. Last year’s rentals
were unusually high do to an extended contract with one individual. Thanks were given to the excellent
winter maintenance done by Tim Biwer. Lighting for the “office” wind sock was requested. An “Angel
Flight” sent their thanks to the Commission for keeping fuel prices reasonable as their services are all
donated. Several “Angel Flights” have taken place over the winter. Franke will get 2 or 3 base radio
prices for the next meeting.

Public Comment: None at this time.

Adjourn: It was moved by McCutcheon and seconded by Neville to adjourn. Motion carried
unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Hagen

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