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Community Protection
Apr 27, 2011
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Community Protection Committee Minutes
Wednesday April 27, 2011  
1.  Call Meeting to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm. Mike (Doc)
McCutcheon, Tad Dukehart, Keith Krist, Assistant Fire Chief Justin MacDonald, and
Jane Olson were present.
2.  Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the April 5th meeting were approved as
3.  Changes in Agenda: No changes to the agenda were requested.
4.  Visitor’s Comments: No visitors were present.
5.  Discussion and Preparations of Informational Letter: Jane handed out to drafts of
letters for the committee to review.  After reviewing both, the committee decided to
forward suggestions for the letter to Jane to pull together.  All suggestions will be sent to
Jane by May 2.  After completing the suggestions, the letter will be sent out to each
member for review.  The committee would like to have the letter sent out before Fyr Bal
to all taxpayers.  Jane will get the mailing list from the Village Offices.  The committee
will ask the Firefighter’s Association to pay for the mailing costs.
6.  Report, Discussion, and Recommendation to the Board on Truck Bids: Chris and
a few members of the Research Focus Group have made a list of items that could be cut
from the specs of the new truck.  Chris has forwarded this information to Custom Fire
and Pierce to see how much those cuts could lower the price of the truck.  However, the
committee agrees with Chris that we will need to ask the Board to request an extension of
30-60 days on the current proposal’s May 15th deadline.  Jane will ask for this item to be
placed on the agenda for the May 9th Board meeting.
7.  Discussions and Recommendation on Burning Ordinance Language: Jane shared
her research on the different types of fire pits and the type of screening available for fire
pit covers. A lengthy discussion followed about whether the committee felt that there was
a need to change the present ordinance or leave it alone.  Tad asked who or what was
driving the ordinance change. Jane shared that she knew that one Board member was
concerned about the current language and felt we should look at the language.  Also she
stated that Charity had written up new language and had discussed it with Niles.  Jane,
Justin and Keith reported that Niles is not in favor of the change as he feels the Village’s
low number of fire calls is directly related to not allowing open burning of any kind
unless snow is on the ground. Keith shared that he knew about 12-14 people that would
like to see the ordinance changed to allow fire pits.  The committee is concerned that
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changing our ordinance will result in increased fire calls due to carelessness of the
individuals using the fire pits, etc.   
Motion per Tad Dukehart that Jane Olson request some history and direction from
the Board on this matter.  Also that Charity do some research with the other
Villages around here to see how many of their fire calls were directly related to
allowing open burning (fire pits, leaf, brush, grass burning, or barrels). The motion
carried unanimously.  
8.  Discussion and Recommendations to the Fire Station Addition Committee/Board
based on Mr. Till’s response to our letter: The committee felt that there is no need for
the Addition Committee to meet until the Board makes a decision on the fire truck.  The
discussion moved to the information that Mr. Till sent us. After reviewing the statistics
that Mr. Till gave to the committee and a discussion about building just a pole building,
several committee members questioned the requirement of a bathroom for just a pole
building. Jane told the committee that Mr. Till would give us a copy of the ordinance but
they felt that Charity could research this for the committee.  
Motion per Tad Dukehart that the committee ask Charity to research and see what
she can find out about the need for a bathroom in the state codes for a pole building
that would be used to house a fire truck, seconded by Mike McCutcheon, all ayes,
motion carried.   
9.  Fire Chief’s Report & Museum Report: Doc reported that the floor has been
channeled for drainage, one wall painted and sealed (will wait for one year to see if this
holds before preceding to paint and seal the rest), and the flooring will be going down
soon. The metal flashing has been completed as well as the tuck-pointing. They are
looking for someone to weld a cap over a pipe from the cistern. Hopefully the Museum
will be open by the third week of May.  
 Assistant Fire Chief MacDonald report that the Mid Door officers recently held a
meeting.  At that meeting they were told that Baileys Harbor is paying $21.50 per hour to
their firefighters and billing Ephraim and the Town of Gibraltar that amount for training
sessions.  The Town of Gibraltar Fire Chief said he would ask his Board to do the same.  
This group is also looking at writing some common language to set the number of
meetings that firefighters must attend.  MacDonald also reported that the Village of
Ephraim has 12-15 firefighters attending the village meetings on a regular basis and that
there were a total of 20+ firefighters from the Mid Door group at the Mid Door training
session. Justin was asked to prepare a list of the number of fire fighters attending each
meeting.  He agreed that this would be a good idea.  Also Justin reported that the Water
Rescue Boat will be taken out of storage soon and stored behind the fire station until it
can be docked at the marina.  
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10.  Input to the Village Newsletter:  The committee agreed that Jane should prepare a
short article for the newsletter reminding walkers to wear proper apparel when walking at
night and to check that fire numbers are displayed properly.  Jane will send it out a draft
to the committee members for suggestions and then combine any suggestions returned
before sending an article to Sue at the Village Offices.
11.  New Business for Next Meeting: None at this time  
12.  Next Meeting Date:  No date was set for the next meeting
13.  Adjournment:
 Motion per Mike McCutcheon to adjourn this meeting of the Community
Protection Committee at 7:45 pm, seconded by Jane Olson, All ayes, motion carried.  
Respectfully submitted,
Jane E. Olson

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