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Selected Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation
Apr 25, 2011
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Monday, April 25, 2011 6:30 p.m.  
Village Offices at Norway and Q

Members Present:  Chair Norma Hager, Kathy Kirkland, Tad Dukehart, Paul Burton, Brent Bristol – Zoning
Administrator, and Charity Buhr – Administrator/Clerk.
Members Absent:  Jim Stollenwerk
Also Present:  Hugh Mulliken and Fred Bridenhagen
1. Call to Order
Chair Hager called meeting to order at 6:30 PM
2. Quorum
There is a quorum of the Historic Preservation Committee present.
3. Changes in Agenda
None at this time.
4. Visitors’ Comments
None at this time.
5. Approve 2/28/11 HPC Minutes
Kirkland moved, seconded by Dukehart to approve the February 28, 2011 Historic Preservation
Committee meeting minutes as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.
6. K&M Investment Prop – 3049 Church – Faceprint Change – Decks
K&M Investment properties would like to add two decks to their property at 3049 Church Street.  These
decks would be added to each end of the existing deck, extending it 8 feet on each end.  This is here for
design review.  The Committee reviewed a photo of the property.  There is no issue with impervious
surface.  Bristol has no issues with the project.  Mulliken explained that he is going to fill the areas and
place decks with railings.  Some of the asphalt is going to be removed and new asphalt will go down.  
This will work in with the reclaiming of impervious surface.  The sidewalks will be removed and grass
planted.  Bristol explained that part two of this project is landscaping and an additional garage at next
month’s meeting.  The decking will match what is currently existing on the property.
Burton likes the walking path on the east side of the house.
Kirkland moved, seconded by Dukehart to recommend to the Plan Committee to approve the
Faceprint change for K&M Investment Properties at 3049 Church Street as presented.  Motion
passed unanimously.
7. Visitors’ Comments
Burton would have liked to discuss the garage at the same time as the discussion regarding the deck.
8. Adjournment  
Burton moved, seconded by Kirkland to adjourn at 6:39 PM
Recorded By:
Charity Buhr, WCMC

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