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Apr 25, 2011
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Library Committee Meeting
Monday, April 25, 2011
Ephraim Library
Meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.   A half-hour was spent with two different tape recorders and
two different microphones so that the meeting could be taped, to no avail—neither would work.  
Committee work began at 4:30 p.m.
Changes in the Agenda – none.
Minutes from the last meeting – Diane Kirkland moved approval of the previous minutes,
seconded by Anne Van de Ven, all ayes.
Visitors’ Comments – none.
Treasurer’s Report
Windsor McCutcheon said the last balance in our checking account at the end of February (no
meeting in March) was $707.27.  There were two deposits, from the Government Pool and the
Ephraim Historical Foundation, for the purchase of two tents – and several checks written, for
subscriptions, the tents, the Christmas storyteller.  We had an ending checking balance of $857.08.   
The Local Government Pool balance is $1,759.64, including the latest interest of 43 cents.
The Luxemburg account, mostly Martha & Phil Cherry funds, is $20,170.36 including the latest
interest of $8.41.  Windsor noted that since we received the Cherry funds in 2008, the Library has
spent $7,141.61 plus the cost of one tent, $1,543.30.
Profits from the 2011 Fyr Bal book sale will be put into the Ephraim account in Sturgeon Bay for
Linda to draw upon.  Diane Kirkland moved approval of the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by
Anne Van De Ven, all ayes.  
Librarian’s Report
Door County Library Board – Becca Berger said she will not be submitting any capital improvement
projects for the upcoming budget.  The Library system funds from the State have been reduced,
thanks to Gov. Walker’s budgeting, so they are losing the Mango languages portion of website as
well as the ACT/SAT online information and perhaps the Wisconsin newspapers.  So far book
delivery between branches is still intact.   
Subscriptions – All Cherry fund subscriptions have been renewed, and Linda has spent the remainder
of the $2,000 allocated from the Cherry funds for art resources with six DVDs, 10 art books for kids,
and other arts and arts techniques books.
Library Committee  
April 25, 2011 - page 2
National Library Week was April 10-16, with kids submitting drawings for Culver’s ice cream
Book Discussion Groups – The winter group finished up with their April meeting, and the summer
group will begin on June 21 at 10 a.m., again with books focusing on Africa.   
Fyr Bal Book Sale – Windsor will remain in charge of the sale again this year; they are seeking
DVDs, CDs and used books for the June 18, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. sale.  Windsor and Diane Fardig will
meet in mid-May to sort books in the basement; Linda took several boxes of books to the Sturgeon
Bay book sale that were not selling up here.
Windsor McCutcheon moved to approve the Librarian’s Report, seconded by Anne Van de Ven,
all ayes.
Old Business
Purchase of Weights for Use for Tents/Permit for Fyr Bal – Should run the tents by the Historic
Preservation and Plan Committees, location and type, etc.  Discussion that one would be on the
concrete, one on the grass to shelter volunteers.  Windsor said the Village will be putting up the tents
for them, as well as the tables, on the Friday prior.   
On stakes vs. weights, the stakes would have cost extra, so none came with the tents.  Noted that we
got one carrying card free with the purchase of two tents.  Jane showed three different versions of tent
weights and their costs.  Decided that the heavy plastic weights that fill with water to 18 lbs. each
would be most practical and less expensive - $120 for the 12 needed for the two tents – and stakes
may not be needed at all.  Diane Kirkland moved that we purchase these 12 weights for $120;
seconded by Windsor McCutcheon, all ayes.
Materials for Book Clubs – Linda said the winter club was very receptive to having the Cherry funds
purchase a few extra books when the library system didn’t have enough –one regular and one large-
print, and in paperback if possible.  Average cost of $18 x 2 books x 12 months would be
approximately $350.  This was approved by Becca for payment from the Cherry funds.  Motion by
Jane Olson that we allocate $350 for the purchase of book club books from the Cherry Funds,
seconded by Windsor McCutcheon, all ayes.
Maintenance Project Reports – Jane Olson said Maintenance will put up a wallpaper border in the
Library bathroom; Jane has the border.  Agreed we’d like to have that done.  In lieu of the Village’s
spending money on a cabinet in the bathroom, Maintenance re-arranged the work area behind Linda’s
desk.  They have lowered and changed the flagpole holder location, put new gliders on the chairs,
fixed the DVD rack.  The Library was spring-cleaned, and the carpets were cleaned.
Library Committee
April 25, 2011 – page 3
Discussion of finding a basket or wall unit to hold toilet paper and bathroom necessaries; cups and
non-bathroom items will be moved out of the bathroom.
Curtains for Small Windows – Jane has the material; we need some dark brackets installed on the
outside wood trim, and 5-6” valances made.
Report on Laminator Use at Foundation – Sally Jacobson has estimated that banner-sized lamination
would be approximately $17 for both sides of the sign.  We have four summer programs, i.e. $68.  
“One World, Many Stories” will be the theme of the four Thursdays in July.   Motion by Diane
Kirkland that we go with the Ephraim Historical Foundation’s laminator at a cost of
approximately $68 for the summer, seconded by Windsor McCutcheon, all ayes.
Fyr Bal Book Sale Volunteer Gifts – Everyone liked the free lunch tickets for the Fire Department
brat sale last year; decided to do that again for the book sale volunteers.  For the two year-round
volunteers, Joan Fitzpatrick and Marilyn Backer, Jane suggested note cards with coordinating boxes
and pens, which she will organize.
Agenda for Next Month – will include Christmas in Ephraim, Fyr Bal Book Sale/Tents
Next Meeting Date – Monday, May 23, 3:30 p.m.
Meeting adjourned at 6 p.m. upon motion by Diane Kirkland, second by Windsor McCutcheon, all
Respectfully submitted,
Diane Kirkland, Secretary

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