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Phase 1 our our utility burial project is complete!  MJ Electric has completed the directional boring and laying of electrical and communication conduit within our project area.  Communication companies will be out over the next two months completing their work.  Additionally Action Electric has been and will continue working with the Village and WPS to complete the crossover work for those within the project area requiring a change from overhead to underground electrical services.

We were fortunate to have a competive bid opening for our reconstruction project at prices that while slightly higher than desired did fall within budget.  The village board on January 8, 2019 did vote to award the construction contract to Peters Concrete out of Green Bay.  Pre-construction meetings are in the works so stay tuned for updates.


19-1-2 Minutes.pdf

18-12-6 Joint sidewalk color mtg.doc

18-12-6 AdHoc(1).pdf

18-10-8 Ad Hoc Minutes.pdf

18-9-19 AdHoc Minutes.pdf

18-8-1 Joint Lighting Minutes.pdf

18-7-18 Finance AdHoc.pdf

18-7-5 AdHoc.pdf

18-6-26 AdHoc Minutes.pdf

18-6-7 AdHoc.pdf

18-6-4 Joint lighting meeting.pdf

18-5-3 AdHoc  Minutes.pdf

18-4-13 Joint lighting meeting.pdf

18-4-9 Streetscape AdHoc.pdf

 18-2-26 Amended AdHoc.pdf

 18-1-23 Streetscape AdHoc Minutes.pdf

 18-1-17 Streetscape AdHoc Minutes(1).pdf

18-1-12 Streetscape AdHoc(1)

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17-10-16 Stormwater Minutes.pdf

17-10-4 Stormwater.pdf

17-8-30 Stormwater .pdf

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17-8-17 Stormwater.pdf


18-10-1 Streetscape Special Edition trifold Fall 2018.pdf

 PUBLIC WORKSHOP Thursday, June 28, 2018
Ephraim Village Hall – 9996 Water Street

Representatives from AECOM will be hosting a public workshop at the Ephraim Village Hall on Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 2pm to 8pm.  This public workshop is intended to provide engaged citizens, and impacted property owners the opportunity to sit down with our project engineers to walk through the proposed project impacts as a whole and on a property by property basis.  60% engineering plans will be available for review, as will updated lighting plans and roadway reconstruction impact reports.  If you have any questions prior to the workshop date or if you cannot attend but still want to participate please contact Brent at the Village Office.

*There may be a quorum of the Village Board or another Village Committee present;  no action will be taken by any committee other than the one listed on the agenda.  Please note, that upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services.  For additional information please contact Andrea Collak, Clerk Village of Ephraim, PO Box 138, Ephraim, WI  54211

Board Minutes June 11, 2018 Open Meeting at Village Hall

18-6-11 Board Village Hall Draft .pdf
Susan Shallow- Deputy Clerk

At the June 5th, 2018 meeting at the Village Hall Brent Bristol provided information regarding the potential effect of the project on property taxes, to view this information please open the pdf. file below.


June 5, 2018    financial impact.pdf 

Minutes can be found under the Committee or Sub Committee Discussing  the Streetscape project 


Committees that have discussed aspects of Streetscape Project

Board of Trustees

Physical Facilities

Stormwater Sub Committee

Wastewater Committee

Community Protection Committee

Streetscape AD HOC Sub Committee

Streetscape Project Report - Element Cost Breakdowns 10/10/2017

17-10 Financial plan.pdf 

May 11, 2017 30% Engineering plans part 1

17-5-11 30% Engineering Plan Part 1.pdf 

17-5-11 Engineering Plan Part 2.pdf 

  2017-1 T Nelsons Section Drawings.pdf  

December 2016 Section Drawings.pdf    

July 2015 Ephraim 30 Percent Plans Engineering.pdf

July 2015 Ephraim 30 Pecent Color Concept Plans.pdf

July 2015 Concept Plan Cost Estimate.pdf

July 2015 Potential Funding Options.pdf


Previous Plans and Presentations

June 2015 Water Street Preliminary Concept Plans.pdf

June 2015 Water Street Concept Design Presentation.pdf

March 2015 Alternatives Analysis Plan.pdf

December 2014 Alternatives Analysis Presentation.pdf

August 2014 Streetscape and Landscape Architecture Plan.pdf

 August 2014 Streetscape and Landscape Architecture Plan Presentation.pdf

August 2014 Streetscape and Landscape Architecture Plan Vision Fair.pdf