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Village Board
Apr 20, 2009
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Members Present: John Cox, Kathy Kirkland, Tim Nelson, Jane Olson, and Sue Sherman
Staff Present:  Charity Forsch, Nancy Goss
Also Present:   Diane Kirkland
1. Call to Order
President Cox called meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  A quorum of the Village Board is present.
2. Changes in Agenda
None at this time.
3. Visitors’ Comments  
None at this time.
4. Consideration and acceptance of Treasurer/Administrative Assistant’s Retirement
Kirkland moved, seconded by Nelson to accept the treasurer/administrative assistant’s retirement letter
as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.
Olson added that this is done with regret.
5. Discussion and Consideration regarding Treasurer/Administrative Assistant’s position
The Village Board discussed the different options that were available to fill the positions of treasurer
and administrative assistant.
Cox questioned Goss on the amount of time that her position has taken her throughout the past year.
Goss stated that when she held her three titles she was overwhelmed and very stressed.
Goss stated that her first year the job did take more than 20 hours per week, since she has gotten into a
routine the job is more structured.
Goss stated that she feels the two positions work well together, or at least have for her.
Goss explained that the state requires the Treasurer of the Village to be bonded.  This means that the
Village is insured in case of a theft.
Goss stated that she would be willing to assist in the training of a replacement if the replacement
doesn’t start within her remaining time here.  If she was needed later in the year, she would like to be
paid for her time.
Olson feels that there is a need to fill this position.
Forsch stated that she has a concern with the three remaining staff being able to take on all of the
Diane Kirkland stressed to the board that during her tenure of handling the clerk, treasurer, and
administrator position there was a lot of overtime that was needed to make the positions work together.
MONDAY,  APRIL 20, 2009 - 7:00 P.M.
April 20, 2009 Village Board Meeting Minutes  
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Cox stated that he has heard talk that people think the office is overstaffed.
Sherman questioned the time available for the zoning administrator.
The Village Board went through the job descriptions and qualifications.
Cox would like to see the position having a requirement of at least an associates degree.
The Board discussed the requirements of Wisconsin Retirement and offering insurance to employees.
Olson and Sherman stated that they were in favor of keeping the office staffed as it is currently.
Nelson stated that he agrees that it’s easy to talk about absorbing a position when someone else is doing
the work.  He understands why the Village is staffed the way it is.
The Board would like the advertisement to include the words “Associate degree or higher a plus” to try
to weed out the applicants.
Discussion will continue once the Board moves back into open session.
6. Move into Closed Session
Per Wisc. Stat. 19.85(1)(c), employment and compensation of public employees.    
Also, per Wisc. Stat. 19.85(1)(f), financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of
persons, or preliminary consideration of investigation of charges that would likely have a substantial
adverse affect.
Sherman moved, seconded by Nelson to move into closed session under §19.85 (1)(c)  employment and
compensation of public employees and §19.85(1)(f), financial, medical, social or personal histories or
disciplinary data of persons, or preliminary consideration of investigation of charges that would likely
have a substantial adverse affect.  Roll call vote – Cox – aye, Kirkland – aye, Nelson – aye, Sherman –
aye, and Olson - aye.
7. Return to open session.
Nelson moved, seconded by Sherman to return to open session at 9:00 PM.  Motion passed
A math proficiency with problem solving abilities under minimum qualifications should be included in
the ad.
Olson moved, seconded by Sherman to post advertise the position for 15-20 hours per week at a rate of
pay of $14-$18 per hour with the job description information discussed and that it go to the Job
Service, the Advocate, and the Pulse as soon as possible.  Give 10 days from time of publication for
receipt of applications.  Motion passed unanimously.
8. Adjournment
Kirkland moved, seconded by Nelson to adjourn at 9:07PM.  Motion passed unanimously.
Recorded By,
Charity Forsch

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