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Village Board
Aug 31, 2009
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                                    FOUNDED 1853
Board of Review/Village Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 31, 2009 - 6:00 pm
Village Offices at Norway and Q
Members Present:  Chair John Cox, Kathy Kirkland, Jane Olson, and Tim Nelson, and Sue
Also Present:  Charity Forsch Administrator-Clerk, Mike Walker-Assessor, Erin Flottman-
Treasurer, Diane Kirkland   
1. Call to order Board of Review
Chair Cox Called the Board of Review to order: The 2009 Board of Review for the
Village of Ephraim is hereby called to order.  Present are Kathy Kirkland – trustee, Jane
Olson – trustee, Tim Nelson – Trustee, John Cox – Village President, Sue Sherman –
Trustee is absent, Charity Forsch – Administrator/Clerk, and Erin Flottman – Treasurer,
and Michael Walker - Assessor.  This is a Board of Review being called to order at   6
pm on Monday, August 31, 2009.    Notice of the meeting has been publicly posted
according to law.
The Assessor will now sign the roll book and the Clerk will witness his signature.........
That being accomplished, we will now proceed to hear any objections.
There are no objections at this time, we will continue with our agenda.
Sue Sherman arrived 6:02 PM
2. Review LWM Video- In the Scope of Your Authority: Preventing Public Officials’
The Village Board reviewed the video provided by the League of Wisconsin
3. Discussion and consideration regarding Opening a Baylake Bank MMIA Account
Forsch explained that since the rates have gone down significantly at the State Investment
Pool she and Flottman would like the Village Board to consider moving money into a
Baylake Bank MMIA Account.  This would provide a greater interest rate and more of a
return on Village money.
Flottman provided the Board a breakdown of funds within the State Investment Pool and
a breakdown of the Village’s assets by investment tool.
The Board discussed the different options available and the ability for the staff to look
into additional investments at additional institutions.
Nelson mentioned continuting to look at Associated Bank and Baylake and other online
banking for interest money.   
The Board discussed needing to see a report monthly, however, they would like to give
the staff the power to move money between institutions to get the greatest return.   
Kirkland would like the staff to look into online banking to try to find better rates.
August 31, 2009 Board of Review/Village Board Meeting
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Sherman moved, seconded by Kirkland to allow the Village treasurer to open a MMIA at
Baylake Bank.  Motion passed unanimously.
Krikland moved, seconded by Sherman to give authority to the staff to explore other
options on line or with other banks and to use their best instincts.  Motion passed
4. Discussion and consideration regarding dock capital project – Improvements to
Minimize Winter Damage
Cox explained that the Coastal Committee would like to address an issue with damage to
the floating docks at Firehouse Dock due to the water rising.
When the docks were first put in on the north side of the firehouse dock there were bids
received from 3 different companies.  The docks are wearing out and are subject to ice
damage.  We are looking to retrofit the existing docks with new hardware and a few other
Cox explained that the Coastal Management Committee would like to start a project in
2009 to be completed in 2010 to help minimize the damage caused by ice in the marina.  
All of the trustees were provided a copy of a price quote from Port a Pier for the work.
Forsch explained that the project would be paid for over a two year budget cycle; 50% in
2009 and 50% in 2010.
Cox explained that if this isn’t done now, it will be needed soon due to the construction
and wear and tear of the piers.
Cox explained that the piers in the marina done by Port a Pier are able to be adjusted to
account for the ice and the others don’t have the ability to be adjusted as much.
K. Kirkland questioned whether the Village was in jeopardy if the price went slightly
over $25,000 due to unexpected complications.  The Board discussed and felt that if there
was an unexpected complication it would be considered maintenance and not part of the
original contract.
Cox stated that the Village’s relationship with Port a Pier has been very good and they
have always done a very good job with their projects and they are very knowledgeable.
Olson moved, seconded by Sherman to move forward with awarding Port a Pier’s
proposal and granting Port a pier the contract not to exceed $24,918.75.  Motion passed
5. 2010 Budget Discussion
a. Capital Reserve
See handout.
Hugh Mulliken arrived at 7:07 PM to discuss his assessment.
Walker explained that anyone who would like to object to their assessment need to file notice at
least 48 hours prior unless the Board decides that they want to waive it.  
Mulliken explained that he didn’t see the notice until Friday August 28.  He didn’t fill out the
form as of yet.  He stated that he spoke with Mr. Walker during open book.    
Mr. Walker concurred that he did speak with Mr. Mulliken.  Mr. Mulliken would like to accept
Mr. Walker’s adjustment to his assessment as per his discussion with Mr. Walker earlier today.   
August 31, 2009 Board of Review/Village Board Meeting
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b. Capital Projects
The Board discussed possible projects that have been talked about in the past.
• Stone wall across from Harborside – Memorial Park
• Moravia Point
• Stone at North entrance sign
• Anderson Dock concrete surface Do we need to continue to plow the dock?
• Floor inside Hardy Gallery
• Replace foundation at the Hardy Gallery
• Hwy re-surface – parking lots, Firehouse dock parking lot
• Cox explained that the Town of Gibraltar and Gibraltar school are trying to
get a bike/walking path from the school to County A, would the Village be
interested in continuing the trail to the bottom of the Ephraim hill?
• Crosswalks – different color or textured asphalt
The items will be referred to Committee for discussion and possible
recommendation to the Village Board.
c. Room Tax
See handout.
d. Coastal Management
Postponed to the next meeting.
6. Adjourn Board of Review
Olson moved, seconded by Nelson to adjourn sine die.  Motion passed unanimously.
7. Adjourn Meeting
Olson moved, seconded by Nelson to adjourn at 8:03 PM.  Motion passed unanimously.
Recorded By:
Charity Forsch

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