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Village Board
Feb 09, 2009
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Board Feb 9th  2009

Board Members: John Cox- President, Kathy Kirkland, Tim Nelson, Sue Sherman and Jane Olson
Absent: None
Staff Members: Charity Forsch, Diane Kirkland, Susan Shallow, Brent B. Bristol and Niles
Guests: None
Call To order: Meeting was called to order by President John Cox at 7:01 P.M.   
Changes in Agenda: None
Previous Minutes:  No changes noted
Motion by Sue Sherman to approve the January minutes as presented, seconded by  Tim
Nelson all ayes motion carried.  
Visitor's Comments: None  
Public Hearing- FEMA Floodplain Ordinance Changes-  Brent Bristol presented a brief synopsis
of the document we received, it is intended as an upgrade of our current ordinance. State Model
ordinance what we have now just a dated version. Amended definitions and source lists. Procedural
changes, nothing major. Brent has no concerns.  
Sue Sherman asked Brent if all of Ephraim was in the floodplain, no per Brent just certain parts.  A
copy of the suggested ordinance was provided to the Board last month for their review. Audience
member Diane Kirkland approved of the ordinance. All Board members  approve the document as
presented. Charity Forsch mentioned that we need to amend the current ordinance in order for
residents to qualify for flood insurance.  
Ordinance change Zoning Chapter 17 section 29
Motion per Jane Olson to approve the changes to the current ordinance as presented,
seconded by Sue Sherman, all ayes motion carried.   
As the above is a change in ordinance a poll was taken of the Board members, Kathy Kirkland aye,
Jane Olson aye, Tim Nelson aye, John Cox aye, Sue Sherman aye.  
Wastewater/Water:   Plant Managers Report: Dave presented a written report for review.  Nothing
unusual on the report. Charity pointed out that the septage for the month increased and was probably
due to a temporary price reduction. The Treatment Plant is purchasing Bioxide from a new
distributor at a significantly reduced price and in the quantity they need.  
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Motion per Tim Nelson to accept the Plant Manager's report, seconded by Sue Sherman, all
ayes motion carried.  
Physical Facilities/ Utilities  
Supervisor's Report: Board reviewed the written report from Mike Mittermann. Sue Sherman
mentioned the guys are currently working on the Hall kitchen remodeling, however today they have
been removing Holiday decorations. Tim Nelson asked if the Board members would rather see a
more detailed report of each staff members accomplishments for the month. After brief discussion it
was determined that that would be a repeat of the information shared at the Tuesday meetings.  
Charity and the Physical Facilities Committee members will continue to monitor the project list.
Kathy Kirkland asked for an update next month at the Board meeting.   
Charity Forsch has placed an order for tile for the Hall kitchen, tables and carts have also been
purchased. The storage closet will be painted by the time the tables are delivered. Kathy asked if the
backstage can also be painted, this will be addressed while the crew is painting the kitchen.   
Motion per Tim Nelson to accept Physical Facilities Supervisor's report, seconded by                  
John Cox,  all ayes motion carried.  
Hall Renovation Update: Provided above, Charity asked the Board about the backsplash and grout
lines. Would like the Boards opinion on the grout issue. The intended tile is a composite, with a light
texture, they are large tiles, Tim Nelson suggested that an 1/8th inch grout line would be sensible.  
Charity also asked Mike to put in some outlets on the island and mark them appropriately. They will
reuse the toilets, sinks and lights. Tile on the wall by the refrigerator should also include a
backsplash. The target date for completion of the project is April 1, 2009.  Charity noted that they
found a large amount of old unusable items as was directed to purge as much as possible.   
Monthly Zoning Administrator Report: Brent here nothing new, wrote first building permit recently.
Replication of Signs Ordinance Recommendations:
Tim Nelson suggested a small change to paragraph 2 of Brent’s Report, concerning the proposed
sign size change and inquired if there is any mechanism in place where someone can get relief from
an unfair aspect of the ordinance. Some kind of option perhaps taking it to the Plan Com for review.
Brief discussion by Board members concerning this item. Rules change responded John Cox any new
rules would apply. This was also a concern for Brent. Diane Kirkland provided some of the dates
involved in this change and noted that they were businesses from the 60’s, and most have changed
signs since then. Next step is schedule for public hearing next month.  
Motion per Kathy Kirkland to schedule a public hearing in March regarding ordinance 17.15
(18) as amended, seconded by Tim Nelson, all ayes, motion carried.  
Motion per Sue Sherman to accept Zoning Administrator's Report, seconded by Kathy
Kirkland,  all ayes motion carried.  
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Administrator Clerk Report: Charity Forsch informed the Board of the computer problem at the
Administrative Office. Both Charity and Brent will receive new laptops and Brent’s old computer
will be transferred to the front office.  Charity also spoke about enhancement of the wireless
connection in the Office and at the Fire Station. The new laptops will have 15 inch monitors. Diane’s
old computer is running out of steam but it will be kept as a backup.   
Motion per  Sue Sherman to accept Administrator/Clerk's Report, seconded by Jane Olson,  
all ayes motion carried.  
Docks & Coastal Management: Contracts are out, many have been returned, John noted that there
is an established deadline and a late fee if it is missed.  
Community Protection:  Fire Chief's Report - Niles written report has been distributed to the
Board members for review and comment.  Justin McDonald is the new assistant Fire Chief. Justin’s
father was Fire Chief in Sturgeon Bay; he has grown up in the Fire World and new technology. New
members are joining the Fire Department. Cold water rescue training with the mid door group has
been completed. Niles is impresses with the new rescue equipment. Coast Guard communication
with Fire Departments is a problem being dealt with.   Niles will be attending a class - Fire Chiefing
101- in Appleton next week, he will be taking the administration vehicle. FEMA classes will take
place that are beyond the level the Trustees and staff members have already completed. Charity
spoke about the disaster plan book being developed which will be housed at the Administrative
John feels this is both a CPC and a Board concern that needs to be addressed.  
Niles stated that this all relates back to 911 so that we are all speaking the same language. If we do
not comply we will not qualify for any FEMA Grants.  Niles further explained that the mock disaster
in Sister Bay helped them prepare and understand what they need and how fast they could acquire it.  
Door County Fire Chiefs Association has been very active and are now seeking a 501c3 status. This
is being done to raise funds for the radio program.  
Fire prevention week begins next week, they are starting at the sunshine house in Sturgeon Bay.  
Tours of the Trailers, videos, books will be made available.  Pump Testing has occurred there were
multiple repairs needed as expected.  Niles asked when the roads are going to be cut, wants to know
where they fall on the projects list. A copy of the list will be forwarded to Charity. Niles also asked
about the dump and the leveling to be done there. It will continue to be a project.  Sue Sherman
asked if we could put out the word that there is free fill available there. Charity will offer the fill to
local companies. Sue Sherman asked about the report we received from the Sheriff’s dept on
incidents in Ephraim.  
Motion per Tim Nelson to accept Fire Chief's report, seconded by John Cox,  all ayes motion
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Fire Museum Business plan: Minutes from the one meeting they had in November have been
provided to the Board. Charity asked about bad weather weekends and who would be responsible
for opening and closing the museum. Kathy Kirkland asked about the sub-lease statement in the
minutes, Niles replied that it may be to the Foundation. To be open Memorial Day to October 31st.  
Parking to be looked at by the Planning Committee. Alarm systems - not as complex as those at the
other Village buildings. Plexiglass barriers covering the display areas. Insurance is also a concern,  
The Village will continue insuring the building as a general liability but contents must be addressed
separately. Looking to have facility open by Fyr Bal 2009. Jane stated that for clarification the date
on the document is December 11, 2008.  
Treasurers Report: Treasurers report reviewed.  
Motion per Sue Sherman accept the Treasurer's report as presented, seconded by Kathy
Kirkland, all ayes motion carried.  
Bills to be Paid: Hall propane bills were questioned. Maintenance to be directed to turn temp down
to 50 unless the Hall will be occupied. The library is open 17 hours per week, it is on a separate
Motion per  Kathy Kirkland to authorize payment of all bills as presented tonight,
seconded by Tim Nelson, all ayes motion carried.  
Communications/Correspondence:  Kathy Kirkland inquired about Going Garbage and Veolia gas
charges on the bills.  
Old Business: Confirmation of HPC Appointment Diane Färdig has agreed to join the HPC
Motion per Jane Olson to approve the appointment of Diane Färdig to the HPC, seconded by
Tim Nelson, all ayes, motion carried.  
New Business for next Agenda: , CPC Parking Plan, Public Hearing - Signs Ordinance
Visitor's Comments: None
Motion per Tim Nelson to adjourn this meeting of the Ephraim Village Board, seconded by
Sue Sherman, all ayes motion carried.  
Respectfully submitted,  
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Susan Shallow- Deputy Clerk
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