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Mar 09, 2009
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Mar 9 2009 Board Meeting

Committee Members: John Cox- President, Kathy Kirkland, Tim Nelson, and Jane Olson

Absent: Sue Sherman

Staff Members: Charity Forsch- Administrator, Brent Bristol Zoning Administrator, Sue
Shallow - Deputy Clerk, Niles Weborg,

Guests: Diane Kirkland, Merv Somerhalder, Scott Weborg, Paul Burton, Debbie Krause
and Rachel Williams

1. Call to order: Meeting was called to order by President John Cox at 7:03 P.M.

2. Changes in Agenda: None

3. Previous Minutes: No changes noted

Motion by Jane Olson to approve the February 9th minutes as presented, seconded
by Tim Nelson, all ayes motion carried.

4. Visitors’ Comments: Merv Somerhalder from the Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport
Commission is here to update the Board about placement of the self serve fuel tank at
the Airport. Gibraltar will initiate an ordinance required for its placement to include
speed, traffic and parking in the lots. The Airport Commission will install a new duo line
phone system to accommodate both as dedicated charge card line and a contact line.
No additional questions for Merv.

Public Hearing – 17.15 (18) (I) (5) Language regarding replication of Signs

Comments: Brent briefly explained the new language forwarded from the Plan
No potential red flags noted by the Zoning Administrator. No additional comments from
the audience. All Board members think the suggested language looks appropriate. As a
housekeeping issue Tim suggested inserting the word Legal, for clarity in para (I)(3).

Motion per Jane Olson to approve the language change for Ordinance Chapter
17.15(18)(I)(5) as detailed here tonight, seconded by Tim Nelson, all ayes motion

As this is a change to current Ordinance Deputy Clerk Shallow requests a poll of the
Board Members – Kathy Kirkland Aye, Jane Olson Aye, Tim Nelson Aye, and John Cox
Aye, all ayes. Motion carried.


09-03-09 BD
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5. Wastewater/Water:

Plant Managers Report – Jane Olson asked about Dave’s Report and the Toxin
that was introduced into the sewer system. Jane inquired as to what kind of toxin
had been introduced, exact substance unknown staff believe it was surfactant and
it wiped out the aeration basin, killing all of the necessary bugs. The amount
introduced could have been as little as 5 gallons. To avoid this type of
contamination in the future Kathy Kirkland suggested we ask the County to have
a drop off day similar to last years’ electronics day so that people can get rid of
old paint, oil etc.

Motion per Tim Nelson to accept the Plant Managers Report, seconded by
Kathy Kirkland, all ayes, motion carried.

6. Physical Facilities/ Utilities: Renovation of the Village Hall kitchen and bathroom
Proceeding according to schedule, projected completion date is April 1st.

Supervisors Report

Motion per Jane Olson to accept the Maintenance Supervisors Report,
seconded by Tim Nelson, all ayes, motion carried.

7. Zoning/ Administration:

Monthly Zoning Administrator Report: Tim Nelson asked Mr. Bristol what
circumstance would not qualify for a special exception for new or existing
properties, under this new language. Brent noted that no specific criteria were
outlined by the Planning Committee. Tim requests some language in regard to the
Ordinance intent.

Motion per Tim Nelson to accept the Zoning Administrator’s report, seconded
by Kathy Kirkland, all ayes, motion carried.

Set Public Hearing for the following

17.20 (3) (A) (5) Language regarding Non-Profit sales in PW District – The
precipitating event was a local non profit requesting that the Board allow them to
have a small sales area within their Village owned rental property. Comment by
John Cox regarding the existing lease language and the Boards ability to
negotiate the lease. John feels there are plenty of controls built into this. John
Asked Kathy Kirkland for her comments, she feels the language turned out rather
well and covers the item clearly. There are a couple of other Village owned
locations that could be covered by this language change. Jane Olson is also
comfortable with the proposed language. No additional comments from Tim

Motion per Jane Olson to set language regarding Non-Profit sales in PW District
Ordinance Chapter 17.20(3)(A)(5) as presented here tonight for public hearing at
the April Board of Trustees Meeting, seconded by Kathy Kirkland, all ayes motion
09-03-09 BD
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17.24(1) Language regarding pro-ration of footprint and total residence
maximums. Kathy Kirkland was the first to comment about this proposed change. Kathy
provided some of the conversation and that the committee decided to review the
requests on a case by case basis. Brent added that an intent statement would still be

Motion per Tim Nelson to set language regarding Pro-ration of footprint and total
residence maximums Chapter 17.24(b)(1) as presented here tonight for public
hearing at the April Board of Trustees Meeting, seconded by Kathy Kirkland , all
ayes motion carried.

Administrator/Clerk Report: No additional questions

Motion per Tim Nelson to accept the Administrator’s Report as presented,
seconded by Jane Olson, all ayes, motion carried.

Bid opening – Tennis Court Removal/Reconstruction 5 bids received

Bissen Asphalt - $54,100
Northeast Asphalt - $53,280
Munson Inc. - $92,958
VHC Athletics- $74,428.50 alternate provided $121,679.
Frank Armstrong Enterprises: $59,862 with conditions

Charity Forsch spoke with a representative from the United States Tennis
Association (USTA) in regard to a possible grant. We do not qualify for the larger
grant but perhaps we will for a smaller grant of which Charity has been recently

There are some requirements specified by the Grant providers. Charity suggests
the Board post-pone the vote until next month unless the Board is prepared to
pay the entire amount for the courts. There is no deadline for the grant. If we
received the grant it could fund up to 20% with a max of $50,000. Charity added
that currently we have $27,500 in cap reserve for the tennis courts. Brief
discussion by the Trustees regarding specifics of the Grant process and
requirements. Paul Burton comments that we should avoid the USTA and that the
Grant would be small. We should see if the lowest bidder will do the job we need.
Niles suggested that posts on the inside of the fence creates a hazard and
suggests we have them outside of the fence.

Motion per Jane Olson to post pone the opening of bids until the April meeting
of the Board, seconded by Tim Nelson, all ayes, motion carried.

Window Replacement Price Options for Administrative office: A few questions
from Charity Forsch will help clarify the type of windows we should seek. It is
noted that the window changes will need to go to the HPC for review. Charity
had a meeting with Lee Banger from Lampert’s who then provided 3 quotes from
other providers. The first question from Charity is if the Board prefers a True
divided light window or a simulated divided light window. Simulated divided light
09-03-09 BD
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is the most efficient. The second thing she would like the Board to decide in up
and down or awning out windows. Awning windows will be screened on the inside
and do not have to be installed on every window. Charity met with a third
company representative who quoted a significantly less expensive window and a
price that included installation; however that window is completely vinyl. The two
previous proposals did not include installation. Window World proposed a vinyl
clad inside and out and we would loose the wood look. Charity feels that the best
window she saw was the vinyl one from Window World. Board members asked
about the price range from Lampert’s $11,000 Kobe, $23,000 3rd bid $18,000-
$20,000. Discussion of the lattice and materials to be used for the new windows.
Charity to seek additional quotes from companies who will provide the windows
and install them.

Diane Kirkland suggested that Charity look into a possible grant from Focus On
Energy. Charity wants to know lattice inside or outside of the window? Jane Olson
suggests that the Board decide on the look they want and then on the window.
The rebate from Focus on Energy would require a double pane window at the very
least. Tim Nelson proposes a hand vote on weather we would want to have wood
inside, yes from all four members of the Board.

Simulated divided light or True Divided Light, All agree simulated divided light.
Awning or up and down, All four Board members agree on Awning style with
removable screens that are not left up all the time. Lattice on inside or on inside
and outside of the window: Jane inside and outside, Kathy inside and outside,
Tim inside, John either but he will go with inside and outside. Removable lattices
or just on the inside. Kathy votes for all non removable lattices.

Safety Plan Proposal Discussion – Just informative, handout for the Board to
read and think about to be addressed at a future meeting. WW received a
proposal from Alpha Terra for a safety program for both the Treatment Plant and
the Maintenance department. Kathy asked about the safety meetings they have
been having and why they now need a plan from an outside company. John Cox
noted that the funds for this program have not been budgeted for the
Maintenance Department. WW is expecting their portion to come out of the
Replacement Fund. The Maintenance Department costs will be approximately
$14,800. Paul Burton commented that this issue came up before the WW
Committee a few years ago and it was determined to be an unnecessary expense.
The Board will postpone making a decision until the WW Committee has
determined what the safety program should be and make their recommendation
to the Board. The Boards decision tonight is whether the maintenance department
should participate in this program. Jane Olson feels if the training is for
maintenance to back-up WW the WW should pay. Item tabled for future

Recycling Site Vendor Discussion- Charity provided the background information
and price comparisons. Veolia vs Little Hoppers. Little Hoppers Flat fee of $700
per month Veolia bill is often over $1,200 per month. We will check on the size of
the Hoppers currently at the recycling center. Niles comments that we pay by
volume and we pay by weight we should talk to residents about compacting their
milk jugs, cans and cartons.

Presentation of Peninsula Preschool Lease Modification & Renewal- They are
09-03-09 BD
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requesting a 5 year lease. A proposed lease was provided and the Board will
review the document and comment at the April meeting. Kathy Kirkland feels that
with our need for additional office and storage space it may not be feasible to
commit ourselves for 5 years. Tim Nelson commented that the community service
we provide by allowing the pre-school to reside here is worth the cost and is not
an economic issue. Brief additional discussion by the Board members on this topic
and record storage. The current lease for the pre-school is 3 years, at the rate of
$200 per year. The Board will study this item and meet with representatives at
the April meeting.

8. Docks & Coastal Management: No written report provided. Weborg commented on
some of the docks being damaged due to the winter ice. Cox stated that the committee
is discussing changing the mounts for the finger piers so they could be removed

9. Community Protection:

Fire Chief’s Report Niles won’t be at the April mtg. Weborg is looking for a
budget report each month from Charity. Niles has spoken with Charity regarding
rd. brushing. Training session will be coming up soon and will be called the Bill
Weborg challenge. The mid door Group is doing fine, Sister Bay, Liberty Grove,
and Jacksonport have joined the fold. Communications continue to be an issue a
new tower will be going in. Expanded the Fire Prevention program to include
sunshine House in Sturgeon Bay. Kathy asked about training at Scan, does the FD
train them for dealing with emergencies.

Motion per Tim to approve the Fire Chiefs report as provided, seconded by
Jane Olson, all ayes, motion carried.

Fire Chiefing 101 – Niles found that this course was a very worthwhile program. A
FEMA representative was there to offer her help in applying for Grants.

10. Treasurer’s Report:

Bills To Be Paid: No comments or questions

Motion per Jane Olson to approve and authorize the payment of bills as
presented, seconded by Tim Nelson, ayes, motion carried

Treasurers Report

Motion per Jane Olson to accept the Treasurer’s report as provided,
seconded by Kathy Kirkland, all ayes, motion carried.

11. Communications/Correspondence: Letters provided for the Board. A few changes
on the Committee List additional research will be done. Brief preliminary discussion
the Hardy Gallery letter to the Board.

12. Old Business: None
09-03-09 BD
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13. New Business for Next Agenda: Next Month the WWTP will request that the
hire a project engineer for all projects related to the WW department. The Plant
manager is recommending we hire McMahon as the engineering company.

14. Visitor’s Comments: None

15. Adjournment:

Motion per Tim Nelson to adjourn this meeting of the Ephraim Board of Trustees,
seconded by Kathy Kirkland, all ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Shallow

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