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Village Board - Budget Meeting
Oct 05, 2009
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2009 - 5:00 P.M.
Present: John Cox, Kathy Kirkland, Tim Nelson, Jane Olson, Sue Sherman, Staff: Charity Forsch-Administrator,
Susan Shallow, and Niles Weborg.
Visitors: Members of Gibraltar Board, Sharon Kellner
1. Call to Order:
Meeting called or order by President Cox at 5:02 p.m.
2. Changes in Agenda:
3. Communications / Correspondence:
Letter from resident Jerry Gallagher
4. Visitors’ Comments:
5. Discussion and consideration of Proposed Budgets 2010
a. Coastal Management- $30,000 for completion of project to minimize winter damage and upgrade to
docks at Anderson Marina. Kathy Kirkland asked about the minor dock projects and what we have spent
to date, John Cox explained projects, the new project is expected to repair and minimize future winter
b. Physical Facilities – Charity Forsch went thru line by line with Mittermann previously. Replacing 8
concrete garbage containers, the current ones are cracked. Sue Sherman suggested that we could replace
them a few at a time. Tim Nelson asked if people are paying attention to the different containers for
garbage vs recyclables. Charity noted that the Harborside Park containers are being utilized properly.
Kathy Kirkland asked about particulars of the proposed re-modeling men’s room at the Administrative
Streetlights – Intention is to cut off several Streetlight that are right above a Village lamp, specific
locations to be addressed at a regular Board meeting. Charity is suggesting we do 4 per year. Eliminate
the Maintenance assistant line #5119 on the budget report as it is covered elsewhere. John Cox asked if
the maintenance Department really needs a hard line phone, it is a consensus of the Board to remove this
phone.  John Cox asked if we could do the True-Green Lawn Care #5514 Gardens & Grounds treatment
ourselves. After brief discussion the Board decided to leave this item as is.  
Kathy Kirkland inquired about category #5521 Office Supplies Miscellaneous. Charity explained that
this category covers ink cartridges, paper supplies etc.  #5530 Celebrations specifically, includes the
FYR BAL Fireworks display.  Charity notes that we have received requests that we up this figure for a
better display. It was noted that we have been paying the same amount for the last four years and the
display has been getting notably shorter. Board members agree to an increase in this category, which also
includes Flags, and holiday bows and lights. #5540 Picnic Tables- several need to be replaced or repaired
as they are worn and warped.   
Stock Lane repairs – Charity Forsch provided an update of the road repairs. Charity suggests that we
budget about $50,000 per year and not take out loans for road work.  Leave road repairs #as presented in
proposed budget.  
Charity noted that we have locked in LP gas at $1.199; this is a notable savings over last season. Sewer
fees at the Maintenance Garage will be absorbed by WW as a trade off for their using maintenances
garbage dumpster. All Board members are good with the summer help. Niles asked about Road
MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2009 - 5:00 P.M.
October 5, 2009 Village Board meeting Minutes
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Revenues and how they would be applied to the budget, and Charity explained.  
c. Community Protection – Biggest change is budgeting enough money for the LOSA benefit to cover all
firemen. Potential for 19 firemen to make LOSA. Equipment & pagers, we have over $11,000 left over
from this year’ budget that may be used for this category. Niles explained that they will be using part of
that money for equipment purchases but any left after that can be used for additional equipment. Gas and
maintenance categories will be combined for the rescue boat. No additional questions about this
proposed budget.   
d. General – Charity provided highlights, commercial inspection fees will be reduced. Charity will work
with the Auditor to set up separate accounts for monies that are returned to the resident such as
inspections deposits, hall deposits etc.  #5151 Treasurers salary is represented further down on the report.   
Our Assessor is working on alternatives for tax payments for the Christofferson parcel.  Postage coming
down as we are hand delivering Board packets a savings of about $5.00 per Board member per month.
Printing costs have been raised slightly to cover the printing of two newsletters to residents.  Debt will be
paid off within ten years since the re-financing.  
e. Wastewater – Committee reviewed budget in detail this morning.  Biggest change is that they are
proposing that water income is increased to pay for salaries and building overhead.  WW portion
increasing about $11,000 over last year and to include some manhole repairs and portable gas detectors.   
f. Capital Improvement/Room Tax Expenditures – Projects for 2010 from Physical Facilities, are the
playground here and the Moravia Point project. The playground to be paid for out of the excess money in
capital reserve, Moravia point out of room tax. Stonework at North Ephraim sign put off for a year or
6. 6:00 Welcome the Town of Gibraltar Board of Supervisors and Move into a Joint Closed Session per
§19.85(1) (e) deliberating or negotiating the purchase of public property, investing of public funds or
competitive or bargaining reasons.   
Motion per Nelson to move to closed session per Wisconsin State Stats 19.85(1)(e)  deliberating or
negotiating the purchase of public property, investing of public funds or competitive or bargaining reasons,
seconded by Sherman; Roll call vote Kirkland – aye, Olson – aye, Nelson – aye, Cox – aye, Sherman – aye,
motion carried.  
7. Return to Open Session
Motion per Tim Nelson to return to open session, seconded by Sue Sherman, Roll call vote Kirkland – aye,
Olson – aye, Nelson – aye, Cox – aye, Sherman – aye, motion carried.  
Motion per Tim Nelson for the Ephraim Administrator to pursue the property issues as discussed, seconded
by Jane Olson, all ayes, and motion carried.  
The Board discussed the potential financing options for the work being considered on the Smith Garage.  
The discussion focused around potential grant money and funding sources.  The group will continue the
process of getting together all of the requirements that are needed prior to starting this project.
8. Adjournment
Motion per Nelson to adjourn this meeting of the Board of Trustees at 7:09 PM, seconded by Olson, all ayes,
motion carried.  
Respectfully submitted,  
Susan Shallow

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