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Oct 19, 2009
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2009 - 6:00 P.M.

     Present: Kathy Kirkland, Jane Olson, Tim Nelson, John Cox, Sue Sherman
     Staff: Charity Forsch, Susan Shallow
     Visitors: None
1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order by President Cox at 6:03 P.M.
2. Changes in Agenda: None
3. Communications/Correspondence: None
4. Visitors’ Comments:  
5. Discussion and consideration of obtaining proposal from McMahon Associates for Smith Garage
Electrical work. Charity Forsch would like authorization from the Board members to seek an estimate from
McMahon Associates for the moving of the generator, clarification of the size of the new generator and cost
estimates for the electrical portion related to Wastewater department requirements. Jane Olson feels we need
to move on this item in order to get accurate cost estimates. It was noted by Sue Sherman that this was to be
part of the job that Hugh Mulliken was to do and he has now bowed out of this part of the project.
Realistically, this is the largest and the most technical part of the project noted Forsch.  One of the major
questions is where the bioxide tanks should be buried.  John Cox feels that Dave Alberts will concur with the
hiring of McMahon for the above stated estimates.  We do not need State approval but as a government
building the plans should met state requirements.  Tim Nelson has presented plans to the State before and they
are somewhat particular and want clean cut plans. We do not have to wait for state approved plans, however,
all plans must meet the code stated John Cox. IIL can inspect and approve plans that do not need to go to state
for approval.      
Motion per Tim Nelson that we ask McMahon Associates for a proposal for the Smith Garage
regarding moving of the generator and electrical involved, seconded by Jane Olson, all ayes, motion
6. Discussion and consideration of Proposed Budgets 2010:
Airport:  Jane Olson asked Charity about the Airport budget and this Boards notice that they will not
approve a budget that plans for a shortfall. Charity stated that the final shortfall for 2009 will be another
$3,000. For 2010 they have budgeted for a $5,000 shortfall. Beth Hagen (Gibraltar coordinator) has told
Charity that the Commission has been very conservative with next year’s budget.  John Cox asked Charity
to inquire where Gibraltar categorizes shortfalls in the Airport budgets. John added that we need to get our
3 commissioners in here and re-iterate our goals for the Airport Budget. Charity did let Beth know that
they did not budget for any maintenance on the 2009 budget but they did have maintenance expenses,
Charity suggested that they incorporate maintenance in the 2010 budget.  We are not anti Airport we are
anti unbalanced budgets, our goal is to see a working budget and be notified of shortages as early as
possible, and we need to see them get more into the black stated Jane Olson. Perhaps it is time for an
official audit of the Airport suggested Tim Nelson, all Board members agreed.  We note that the
commission is a very dedicated and involved group of successful businessmen but they may need the
expertise of a financial specialist noted Tim Nelson.  John instructed Charity to ask for all financial
records and forward them on to our Auditor for full review, and they will be audited yearly as part of our
yearly audit process. We have supported the Airport in all endeavors but we are responsible to our
taxpayers added John Cox.  Charity notified that the county has approved the guardrail project and it will
begin soon.   
MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2009 - 6:00 P.M.
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General: Kathy Kirkland suggested that we can stick in an estimate for (4691) Room tax, Charity Forsch
shared that this is income that does not affect the Levy.  Tim Nelson suggests a separate sheet showing
what we have received in room tax to display a range the Board can work off. The EBC will come in
November to present their budget to the Board. We should have a full accounting of all Room Tax monies
received by the EBC including the “extra dollars” received as a benefit from Sturgeon Bay joining the
Commission. Our approval of their budget is contingent on them providing a complete detailed budget
that we can approve. Discussion about the 50% of room tax that we give to the EBC.  This is all money
that we have never seen before this is not money we are getting from our taxpayers.  
Charity provided a short synopsis of the summary the Levy will go down about $85.00 charge per parcel
on the sewer portion will also go down slightly.  Itemized breakdown one change building inspection fees
(IIL) brought down to more accurate level.  In spring audit we will have auditor set up holding accounts
for deposits that must be paid back such as Hall deposits, Bond deposits.  Interest Income was brought
down for 2010.  4680 Cable Commissions also reduced to match actual income. Discussion of other
categories that will be reduced or increased slightly. Tim Nelson noted that we are over budget on 5145
Computers for office yet we are reducing that category for next year, he wanted to know why and Charity
explained types of purchases that sent us over this year that will not have to be repeated next year. 5154
Change to just Humane Society.  Printing costs are being reduced for 2010; we are planning to issue two
newsletters as usual.  Airport expense should be reduced to $5,000 on the 2010 budget.  Total
expenditures- Down 10%.   
Physical Facilities:  Question on page 6 of 10, Tim Nelson informed that the total displayed did not
include the last line –Summer Help, Total Increase should be $34,300.  
Community Protection: Tim asked about Increase – reason given Ephraim now has more Firefighters, also
rescue boat gas was combined with rescue boat maintenance, Charity noted this and will change category.  
Coastal Management:  Very straightforward, expenses do not come out of taxes but come out of income,
some capital improvements, including upgrading some docks at Anderson Marina.    
Water/Wastewater:  John Cox asked if wastewater has addressed charging for services outside of Ephraim,
perhaps a Fee schedule. Board would like the Committee to present a fee schedule to the Board for
review.  Charity also noted 0863 approved excess projects includes safety training requires gas detectors,
what is displayed in this budget is very much under the cost of stationary gas detectors, the type Dave is
suggesting mobile gas detectors that staff can take wherever they go. Charity noted that every person who
enters the confined space must have a gas detector, the environment the stationary type are in are very
corrosive. Discussion of salaries for Wastewater committee members, there was a question if this a
holdover from Commission days?  Board would like to review history and reasons in the near future.    
Only other item tonight is the capital expenditures, Charity will be working with the Auditors to clarify
and adjust categories. John suggested that Charity review possible penalties on State Aids.  
7. Adjournment
Motion per Tim Nelson to adjourn this meeting of the Board of Trustees, seconded by Kathy
Kirkland, all ayes, motion carried.  
Respectfully submitted,  
Susan Shallow

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